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Bursary - In Memory of Shirley Wenman

This   bursary   has   been   awarded   to   Tuppenny   Barn   to   enable them     to     develop     their     educational     facilities     for     local schoolchildren.      It   will   go   towards   the   construction   of   a   new poly-tunnel    where    demonstrations    and    activities    can    take place   with   the   aim   of   teaching   about   growing   vegetables   and fruit.
Link to Tuppenny Barn http://www.tuppennybarn.co.uk/
Link to Tuppenny Barn video
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Local Food Market at Tuppenny Barn Tuppenny   Barn   is   an   organic   smallholding   on   the   outskirts   of Emsworth.    Throughout    the    year    they    host    events    and sessions    for    all    ages    to    learn    more    about    food,    growing, wildlife   and   countryside   skills.   For   more   details,   please   visit their web site www.tuppennybarn.co.uk  
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