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Last Updated 6th July 2017

The Emsworth Horticultural Society
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Seed Potato Information Variety Tuber Characteristics Texture Cooking Qualities Blight Other Comments Lady Christl First Early AGM Pale yellow skin and flesh, oval, medium sized tubers Waxy / creamy Boiling new potato, good flavour Moderate Ready to harvest 10-13 weeks after planting. High yield. Charlotte Second early salad Long yellow skin with yellow flesh Firm / waxy Boiling salad potato, good taste Moderate A favourite amongst EHS members Desiree Early Main  Crop Oval tubers with red skin  and firm pale yellow flesh Firm / flowery Boiling, frying, chipping, baking, mashing roasting Moderate Heavy cropping. Good draught resistance. Maris Piper Main Crop Creamy white flesh, rarely discolours on cooking. Oven tubers Floury Chipping, roasting and general purpose Fair High yielding, keeps well. Very versatile.
Maris Piper
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