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Welcome   to   our   2017   Trips   season.   We   have   the   full   complement   of   5   day   trips   for   you   this   year   thanks   to   Jan   Morgan, Heather Hayter, Gill Sadler, Sally and Doug Outram and Angela Armstrong who have all volunteered again. We   are   delighted   to   welcome   back   Annette   Wood   who   ran   a   wonderful   trip   for   us   back   in   2012   and   is   stepping   into   the breach left by Josette Fox who has family commitments this summer. Thank you, Josette for the super trip last summer to two stunning gardens in East Sussex. Bookings   for   April   May   and   June   are   being   taken   now   as   is   the   Away   Trip   to   the   lovely   gardens   of   Nottinghamshire.     Details below. August and September contacts and details will be in the April newsletter and on this website.  
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HOW TO BOOK  1. Phone the Trips Organiser to check availability o (For the June trip Email is the preferred option. Only phone if you are not on email) 2 . Date your cheque for the DAY OF THE TRIP, payable to EHS. 3 . Send your cheque to the address in the Newsletter within a week of your booking to confirm it. If   outside   the   PO   10   area   and   you   are   NOT   on   email   then   please   send   a   SAE   approx.   9”   x   4”   which   is   for   the   Itinerary for the Day which you will receive 2 weeks before the Trip.   Do support the efforts the team makes to give you a wonderful day out at best possible price.
Champs Hill, Lewes and Marchants Hardy Plants - August 10th 2017 - £27.50
Celebrating   the   40th   year   of   opening,   Champs   Hill   has   been   developed   around   three,   disused   sand   quarries since   1960.   There   are   woodlands,   a   vast   collection   of   heathers   (over   300   cultivars),   flower   borders,   interesting sculptures   throughout   the   garden   and   stupendous   views.   Also   included   is   a   viewing   of   the   wonderful   collection   of art in the music room. Next we visit Southover Grange Gardens in Lewes where we will stop for lunch. In   the   afternoon   we   visit   Graham   and   Lucy's   lovely   garden   and   plant   nursery   at   Marchants   Hardy   Plants   near Lewes.      The   garden   itself   is   superbly   designed   and   diversely   planted.   It   has   appeared   in   all   major   periodicals   and papers   as   well   as   on   television   in   the   BBC's   'Flying   Gardener'   series.   The   plant   nursery   has   gained   recognition as one of the leading small nurseries in the country. One of my favourite gardens. Cost : £27.50 to include morning coffee and afternoon tea. Please   contact   Annette   Wood   on   01243   378482   or   by   email,   annetteofemsworth@gmail.com    to   book   your place
Emsworth   Horticultural   Trip   to   the   Isle   of   Wight   –   Ventnor   Botanical   Gardens and Quarr Abbey We   gathered   at   Bridge   Road   Car   Park   early   on   Tuesday   27 th    June   on   a   day   that   promised   rain   by   lunchtime.   We made   excellent   time   to   the   Isle   of   Wight   Ferry   and   were   able   to   get   an   earlier   sailing.   It   was   sunny   and   got   more so   as   we   reached   our   destination.   A   sea   crossing   is   always   such   a   ‘holiday’   experience   and   trips   to   the   island feel like going abroad. No wonder the IOW wants independence!! We   were   early   for   Ventnor   so   visited   Godshill   for   a   quick   stop.   This   village   has   many   attractions   but   in   the summer   it   is   very   crowded   and   would   probably   be   better   appreciated   at   another   time   -   but   lovely   thatched cottages, tearooms and lots to see and do. We   arrived   at   Ventnor,   split   into   two   groups   and   set   off   with   guides   to   explore.      After   the   storms   of   1987,   when 500   trees   were   lost   the   whole   site   was   reconstructed   into      Geographical      Zones   to   grow   plants   as   they   would   be in the wild and enable observations to be made on climate change. The   Herb   and   Medicinal   Garden   was   full   of   lovely   aromas   from   culinary   and   medicinal   plants,   (sorrels,   gingers, herbs) fibre and decorative plants and cash crops. The   Australia   (New   South   Wales)   and   New   Zealand   areas   have   been   developed   by   the   present   Curator   Chris Kidd, (son of our local broadcaster Brian Kidd). Here we saw magnificent ferns and rare plants. The   Palm   Gardens   –   tall   impressive   trees,   one      of   four   seedlings      given      to   Queen   Victoria   by   plant   collector Robert Fortune -  the ‘Chusan Palm’ Trachyocarpus fortunei, one of the oldest palms in the UK. The   Mediterranean   Garden   is   a   south   facing   with   tall,   triffid   like   Echiums   triffids   which   you   almost   expect   to march before you and many aromatic herbs and shrubs. The   Arid   Garden   had   large   Agaves,   Prickly   Pear   cacti   in   flower   and   covered   in   bees,   Aloes   and   Puya.   Wonderful leaf shapes and spiral patterns. They flower freely out of doors in the hot climate. There   are   many   other   parts   to   see   and   you   need   a   full   day   to   explore.   I   do   not   walk   too   well   but   I   managed   and there   are   lots   of   benches   to   rest   and   view.      Some   parts   are   still   being   developed   and   a   full   guide   book   is   in preparation. At the moment there are information leaflets with a map. It is well worth a visit. Lunch was good. On   the   way   to   the   ferry   we   visited   Quarr   Abbey,   originally   a   Cistercian   monastery   destroyed   by   Henry   VIII   in   the Dissolution.      A   new   abbey   was      built   of   red      Belgian   bricks      from   1907   -   1914   and   now   has      8   Benedictine   monks     in residence.   It   rained   from   4pm   so   we   were   lucky   with   the   weather.   Our   thanks   to   Doug   and   Sally   Outram   for   a   very informative and enjoyable day Jan Butler
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