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EHS Membership provides the following benefits
Access   to   The   Hut   (the   Distribution   Store) which    offers    most    gardening    requirements    at reasonable cost. Advice is also on hand A   program   of   talks   on   gardening   and   related subjects Coach   outings   to   gardens   of   horticultural   and historic interest Additionally ,   there   are   opportunities   to   meet with     fellow     enthusiasts     and     admire     local gardens   at   our   Garden   Natter   Mornings    and occasional Open Gardens Plant   Sales   are   held   at   talks   and   annually   at The Distribution Store (The Hut) Quarterly      Newsletter       to      keep      members informed


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The Emsworth Horticultural Society
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98th Year Emsworth Horticutural Society is celebrating  its
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We urgently need good organisers to fill key posts on Show Team For more details Click Here
EHS   Archives   Suzanne   Holroyd   has   reviewing, sorting    and    summarising    the    past    records    of    the Society.      They   are   now   ready   to   be   donated   to   the Emsworth   Museum   –   an   achievement   for   which   we’re very   grateful.      This   is   the   end   of   Suzanne’s   tenure   as archivist,   and   we’re   looking   for   someone   to   continue with   the   work.      Please   contact   me   if   you’re   interested.     Lyn Davies.
Message from the Chair
I   was   pleased   to   be   able   to   report   at   our   recent   AGM that   2016   had   been   a   good   year   for   the   EHS   with   a   full programme    of    events    including    a    great    Show.        The Distribution   Hut   continued   to   be   a   centre   for   the   society as   well   as   a   place   to   buy   horticultural   necessities.      The members      of      the      Management      Committee      and Distribution     and     Show     Sub-committees,     including Graham   Steel,   who   stepped   down   as   Chair   of   the   Show Committee   and   Zena   Chaddock   who   is   stepping   down as   membership   secretary,   were   thanked   for   their   hard work   in   making   the   year   a   success.   However,   I   was concerned     that     both     the     Management     and     Show committees   had   shrunk   over   the   year,   and   without   new members   the   Show   and   the   EHS   itself   would   be   unable to   continue.      Three   members   came   forward   to   join   the management   committee,   but   we   still   key   organisers   for the Show: Chair, Traffic Manager and Raffle Manager. The   Treasurer,   Michael   Ponsonby,   reported   that   due   to the    Show    making    a    surplus    this    year    there    was    an increase   in   the   Society’s   net   assets.      This   has   boosted the   ‘rainy   day   reserve’   to   a   healthier   but   still   lower   than satisfactory   level.      Membership   has   continued   to   fall, reducing     income     to     pay     for     administrative     and miscellaneous    expenditure    and    the    ‘third    Thursday’ meetings.      It   was   decided   to   increase   the   membership fee to £7 in 2018. Lyn Davies (Chair)  emshorticultural@gmail.com Committee for 2017 Lyn   Davies   Chair ,   Daphne   Tomsett   Vice-Chair ,   Susan Sinnett-Jones   Secretary ,   Michael   Ponsonby   Treasurer ,     Colin     Beale     Membership     Secretary ,     Shiraz     Jamal Webmaster   and   Newsletter   Editor ,   Jan   Butler,   Richard Suter, Carolyne Sinden and Chris Shaw .
Have   you   any   memorabilia,   photos   or   just   memories   to lend to this exhibition?  If so we’d love to hear from you.  Phone 01243 373810 or email emshorticultural@gmail.com
Emsworth   Show   Then   and   Now   at   Emsworth Museum 20 th  May to 11 th  June 2017
AGM 2017