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Last updated 7th July 2019

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Emsworth Horticultural Society
Emsworth Horticultural Society is looking for new committee members to help organise our thriving society. A particular area of need is someone to do publicity . Looking forward to 2020 we are looking for new officers, namely: Treasurer Show Secretary: organises the Show Marquee and the competitions held within it Stock manager for the Distribution Hut: orders, maintains and prices stock for the EHS Distribution Hut at Washington Road The management committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month. If you are interested in joining us now or later, please contact Lyn Davies, EHS Chair at emshorticultural@gmail.com and 01243 373810
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Looking for New Committee Members
The Emsworth Horticultural Society began in 1919 with the Allotment Association. In our 2018 exhibition celebrating the history of the Emsworth Show, we trawled the archives for material, which had been usefully organised by Suzanne Holroyd and stored by the museum. Chris Shaw also searched through Portsmouth News articles stored on film, held by Portsmouth Library and West Sussex Gazette in Chichester. Even so, records were hard to come by especially visually interesting material such as photographs. It was not until well into the new millennium, when digital cameras began to be more widely used, that photographs appeared in significant numbers. And it is only comparatively recently that people have thought about storing digital photographs on their computers or even more recently, online. The EHS would be interested to see any photographs you may have, whether printed or digital, of EHS gardening events, outings and trips, open-gardens, shows (for example of your winning entries!) or other EHS events you may have photographed. Do you have interesting stories to tell of any of the EHS events? In addition the EMS newspaper, which is delivered 4 time a year, would be interested in reports and articles about EHS events. We would like copies too. We can easily make copies and credit the photos and stories. Clearly it would be helpful if we knew when the event took place (at least to the nearest year!) If you can help, contact Chris Shaw EHS digital archivist. Tel: 01243 377459 or email to EHS Archives
EHS Archives and the Centenary Year - 2019
Calling All Members - Now is the time to pot up seedlings and cuttings for sale on the EHS plant stall at the Emsworth Show - to raise funds for the Society. Please bring plants, house or garden (with name label if not a common plant), to the Showground at New Life Christian Church, Thorney Road on Sunday. 25 August from 3.30pm or on Mon. 26 Aug. (Show Day) by 10.00 if possible. OR , bring them to me at 6, Clovelly Road, Emsworth. PO10 7HL before Show Day. And if that's not possible, please ring me on 01243 378560 to arrange for me to get them from you.
Support the EHS Plant Stall at the Emsworth Show
Patricia Williamson, Plant Stall Manager.
A Celebration of the Emsworth Horticultural Society’s Centenary 6th – 28th July 2019 This exhibition describes how the wide range of activities of the EHS reflect the horticultural interests of its members and its evolution from the Emsworth and District Allotment Association Limited set up in 1919. Saturdays 10.30am – 4.30pm    Sundays 2.30pm – 4.30pm Everyone welcome EMSWORTH  MUSEUM 10B North Street, Emsworth PO10 7DD www.emsworthmuseum.org.uk  Admission is free      Stairlift available EMSWORTH MARITIME AND HISTORICAL TRUST - Registered Charity no. 294965 EMSWORTH MUSEUM EMSWORTH MARITIME & HISTORICAL TRUST “The Fisherman’s Retreat” EHS garden at Chelsea and the medal awarded
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