Hampshire Federation of Horticultural Societies
Updated 04th December 2018
The   Hampshire   Federation   of   Horticultural   Societies   (HFHS)   was   founded   in   1958.      The   aim   was   to improve   horticultural   practice.      Membership   is   open   to   any   society/club   whose   primary   interest   is horticulture. HFHS   is   run   by   a   management   committee   which   meets   quarterly   at   Sparsholt   College.      As   well   as the officers of the committee up to 12 people may be co-opted to run activities. HFHS   arranges   training   and   testing   of   potential   horticultural   judges   in   the   region,   and   arranges conferences/seminars   for   judges,   speakers   and   show   secretaries/organisers   who   are   members   of the HFHS. It   also   produces   a   biannual   list   of   Judges   and   a   biannual   list   of   Speakers   which   are   circulated   to member clubs/societies.  These lists are given quarterly updates when required. Currently the HFHS runs Allotment Competition, Garden Competition and Annual Quiz.
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