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This   can   also   apply   to   online   purchases   from   sites which    are    not    part    of    the    Horticultural    Trades Associations.        You    may    have    read    in    Gardening magazines   or   the   daily   newspapers   about   XYLELLA FASTIDISA.      THIS   IS   A   VIRULENT   BACTERIUM WHICH   ATTACKS   PLANTS.       This   can   eventually destroy   plants   and   could   run   through   gardens.      It   is currently    present    in    parts    of    Italy    and    Spain,    it    is carried   on   olive   trees,   cherries,   lavender,   rosemary and   figs.      If   it   arrives   in   the   UK   it   is   a   threat   to   many species.      When   you   purchase   plants   check   where they   were   grown   and   try   to   patronise   the   many   local nurseries which produce   their   own   stock . Suzanne Holroyd
We   are   short   of   1   litre   bottles   to   distribute   Maxi   Crop.     Would   members   be   kind   enough   to   bring   their   own   1 litre   bottle   when   they   want   to   purchase   Maxi   Crop   or   if they   are   no   longer   using   the   product   and   have   1   litre bottles   in   their   sheds   perhaps   they   could   drop   them into the hut on a Sunday between 10am and 12 noon.
Maxi Crop
Maxicrop.       In   case   you   haven’t   heard   of   it,   Maxicrop   is   an   organic   liquid   fertiliser   made   from   seaweed,   and   it   is ideal   for   using   in   the   summer   on   all   your   plants.      You   simply   dilute   it   in   a   watering   can   and   water   it   on.      We   sell   it in   500ml   and   1   litre   units,   using   donated   plastic   bottles.      If   you   have   suitable   bottles   (not   previously   used   for drinks) please bring them along as our supply is limited. Netting .      This   is   the   best   way   of   protecting   crops   such   as   broccoli   from   butterflies   which   lay   their   eggs   on   the leaves,   which   hatch   into   caterpillars   and   ravage   the   leaves.      Plant   protection   net   with   1cm   mesh   and   4m   wide   is what   we   recommend.      It   is   also   suitable   for   protecting   fruit   from   birds,   as   is   diamond   mesh   netting.      To   keep   out smaller insects such as aphids you need insect mesh which has very small mesh. Pots.   We have new 75mm (3”) pots on offer at 10 for £1 – a bargain. Compost   maker .      If   you   use   this   product,   don’t   be   confused   by   the   changing   names   of   the   manufacturers:     Garotta, Vitax  and  Garden World.  It’s the same product inside the bag. Potato sacks .  We stock paper sacks for storing potatoes in, enough for 12kg. Lyn Davies .
News from the Hut, Summer 2018
Fertiliser Info Sheets
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