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Last Updated 14th December 2018

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Onion   sets   which   can   be   planted   in   autumn   have   been   treated   to   mature   about   3   weeks   earlier   than   the traditional   spring   planted   varieties.      This   year   we   have   Electric   (red)   and   Radar   (white).      The   garlic   we   are stocking   is   the   very   reasonably   priced   Marco.      We   also   have   fresh   stocks   of   the   hardy   broad   bean, Aquadulce. Our   most   popular   item   in   autumn   is   the   ground   cover   sheeting   ‘mypex’   in   widths   of   one   and   two   metres.      It is   made   of   woven   plastic   which   lets   water   through   whilst   suppressing   weed   growth.      Other   things   you might   find   useful   are   plant   protection   net   to   keep   pigeons   off   your   leafy   crops   and   the   organic   fertiliser bonemeal which will encourage root growth in all plants including the grass in your lawn.  For   cuttings,   seeds   and   repotting   we   have   a   range   of   composts   and   pots.      For   £1   you   can   buy   ten   sturdy round   three   inch   terracotta   (colour)   plastic   pots.      Currently   we   are   trying   to   find   a   new   source   of   square black F9 pots which have sold out. Don’t   forget   that   after   December   9 th    2018   we   are   closed   until   6 th    January   2019,   otherwise   open   Sunday mornings from 10 – 12noon. Lyn Davies .
Winter 2018
The following seed potatoes are expected to arrive in mid-February.  Lady Christl.  A first early, lovely as a boiled new potato. Charlotte.  A second early salad potato with excellent flavour, Charlotte is our best seller. Desiree.  The world’s most popular early main crop red-skinned potato If   you   would   to   place   an   order,   come   to   the   hut   on   Sunday   mornings   from   10am   to   noon.      Orders   by   email will   also   be   taken   (see   below).      Please   state   the   number    of   tubers   you   require.      Estimated   price:   15p   per tuber.  Pay when you collect. Any queries please contact Lyn Davies on 01243 373810 or email emshorticultural@gmail.com
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Variety Tuber characteristics Texture Cooking qualities Blight resistance Other comments Lady Christl First early AGM Pale yellow skin and flesh, oval, medium sized tubers Waxy/creamy 	Boiling new potato, good  flavour Moderate 	Ready to harvest 10 – 13 weeks  after  planting.  High yield. Charlotte Second early salad Long, yellow skinned with yellow flesh. Firm/waxy 	Boiling salad potato, good taste Moderate 	A favourite amongst EHS  members Desiree Early maincrop Oval tubers with red skin and firm pale yellow flesh. Firm/floury 	Boiling, frying, chipping, baking, mashing, roasting Moderate 	Heavy cropping. Good drought resistance.
Seed   potatoes .      We’ve   ordered   the   old   favourites   again   this   year:   Lady   Christl   (first   early),   Charlotte (second   early/salad)   and   Desiree   (main   crop).      The   price   of   seed   potatoes   has   gone   up   this   year   to   15p per tuber.  They should be delivered in mid-February.  Orders will be taken at the Hut throughout January. Closing   date   for   seed   orders   Sunday   21 st    January .      Catalogues   are   available   from   the   Hut.      Bring   back completed   order   forms   and   pay      by   Sunday   21 st    January.      You   will   get   up   to   a   40%   discount   on   the   cost   of your order as a credit note to spend at the hut. Onion   sets   and   shallots.       Onion   varieties   for   sale   this   year   will   be   Red   Baron,   Hercules   and   Stuttgarter,   and shallot varieties Golden Gourmet and Red Gourmet. Composts.       Our   stock   of   composts   and   growbags   are   kept   under   cover,   protected   from   sun   and   rain.      They will   be   in   better   condition   than   those   in   various   garden   centres   where   they   are   stacked   outside.      As   well   as the   usual   multipurpose   and   John   Innes   potting   composts   we   have   ericaceous,   peat-free   and   Levington’s specialist   seed   composts.      To   add   to   compost   we   have   perlite,   vermiculite,   grit   sand,   horticultural   sand   and grit - all you need for sowing and growing seeds, potting on and striking cuttings.
Seed Potato Information 2019
The   hut   is   where   EHS   members   can   buy   gardening   necessities.      It   is   a   non-profit   making   service   run   by volunteers. We   avoid   expensive   packaging   by   buying   in   bulk   and   breaking   down   items   into   the   amount   members need.  We specialise in : Fertilisers including bonemeal, growmore and maxicrop Horticultural textiles including mypex and plant protection net Canes Soil conditioners including sands, grits, vermiculite and perlite Seasonal items including seed potatoes, onion sets and garlic Seed orders from Kings at up to 40% discount We also stock : Composts including multi-purpose, peat-free and JI Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides Where to find the Hut: Washington   Road   allotment   site,   PO10   7NN.      Turn   off   left   off   North   Street   or   Bridge   Road   onto   Victoria Road.      Washington   Road   is   the   first   right   turn.      The   unadopted   road   to   the   left   leads   past   Glenwood   School to the allotment site. Opening hours: Sunday   mornings   10   –   12noon   all   year   around   except   for   the   Christmas/New   Year   period   and August Bank Holiday weekend. You   can   join   the   EHS   at   the   Hut   for   an   annual   subscription   of   £7.      Other   benefits   include   talks,   trips and open garden mornings.
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The Hut
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